Our Consulting Expertise

We can help solve difficult scale-up and expansion strategies using the latest technologies and best Engineering practices to meet your strategic business objectives. Using our extensive Bioprocess experience, we will help you avoid the pitfalls that can lead to poor scale-up or scale-down. Our objective is to bring a clear, consistent solution with proven success to assure high productivity and yields.

We provide you with:

We interact with client teams to bring about solutions in the following Bioprocess areas:


Optimum facility layout, sizing, effective mixing for optimized Oxygen Transfer, GMP principles, CIP, SIP, and automation solutions including validation document practices.

Cell Culture

Same as for fermentation suites with the added concerns for longer term growth and operability including use of cell separation techniques.

Media Preparation

Integration of media prep, media hold, filtration and transfers to the fermentation or cell culture suites.

Downstream Processing

Solutions to centrifugation, clarification, filtration, and purification utilizing proper equipment and techniques including X-flow filtration and chromatography.

Single Use

Evaluations of equipment for single use disposable systems in all areas of bioprocessing in both upstream and downstream suites.